LEAPS facilitators and children during the open day. – ZASIKA MUSDI

In conjunction with the school holidays, LEAPS Educational Services at Kampung Delima Satu in Berakas has organised a range of fun activities catered towards children from ages five to 15. Yesterday LEAPS held an open day where parents observed their children performing what they had learnt during the past four days under the guidance of LEAPS educational officers.

According to Dk Roz Alia bte Pg Mohd Zin, Educational Programme Manager at LEAPS, the activities they plan give children a chance to be kids, while interacting, learning and having fun during the school holidays. She continued, “We have word games, tangrams – where children have to fold things to get certain tasks done – and musical activities involving singing and dancing, where the children learn dance steps to perform on Open Day. They get to interact with each other and reflect on what they’ve done by the end of the day. It’s different from what kids are doing at home nowadays; we provide them with social and interactive activities during the school holidays.”

With parents working during the day during the school holidays, LEAPS offers the utmost service in caring for children. “It is also part of our research, as we’re looking into multiple intelligence and learning styles; we observe the children in the different activities, so we know more about them, and see where they need improvement.”

“The overall feedback from the parents and children is that they want to come back every time,” Dk Roz Alia added.


We would like to thank all the parties who have helped made our activity this past month a success.

Excerpt from Borneo Bulletin

“Following the overwhelming success of its first school holiday programme in December 2006, Leaps Educational Services recently held its second ‘School Holiday Activity programme for children from ages between 5 to 12 years.

The programme which primarily focused on the multiple intelligence theory and learning – provided participants a variety of fun filled activities thorough words, numbers, pictures, art and craft, story telling, music, social interaction and personal experiences.

The five day programme which ran from march 19 to 23 – culminated with a special programme where parents were incited to see their children’s finished works. A rendition of a dance called the ‘Slide cha-cha’ and the awarding of the certificates by LEAPS director Pg Dr Hjh Rahmah Pg Hj Jadid.

During the programme Pg Dr Hjh Rahmah Pg Hj Jadid and her team explained to her parents numerous interesting details on their children’s work and how they relater to their potentials and intellectual abilities.

Due to positive feedbacks from both the parents and the children, plans for a ‘Friday book club for school kids are underway.

Leaps educational services is a research and training facility for educators, individuals, students and parents which offers courses according to individual requirements. “

School Holiday Activities


“Success is not a luxury reserved for selected groups of individuals. Intelligence is not measured by how many books you read or how fast you can add numbers up. Everyone has the ability to succeed. Everyone is born with their own unique strengths and potentials that can be developed to the level of excellence. We believe everyone is a genius.” – LEAPS Educational Services.

LEAPS is organizing a special program during the upcoming school holidays. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and register your child now. For more information please contact +673 233 2229.

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